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What you Think is Stubborn Belly Fat!


Ran countless miles on the treadmill, but still have that stubborn fat?

Tried every diet out there, but still have that stubborn fat?

Taken supplements, shakes, and magical pills, but still have that stubborn fat?

Have you tried everything under the sun, BUT STILL HAVE THAT STUBBORN FAT!

Our “Intro to Movement” session is the first step to ridding yourself of that stubborn belt fat.

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New Dimensions’ Proven Method is the Only Program to Utilize
Advanced Therapies and Techniques to:
Melt, Sweat, UnStick, Move, and Flush “Stubborn Fat” Away!

Simple: Our proven method has worked for 1000s! Our step by step process walks you through exactly how to clear that layer of “stubborn fat” to finally see those abs!

Pain-Free: Our proven method was designed by a Physical Therapist & Exercise Scientist to clear inflammation from the body, leading to stubborn fat loss!

Happy: Our method has been proven time and time again to unlock and clear “stubborn fat” from the body. From Professional Athletes to Mom & Dad Bods of all ages!


Not only is this an amazing place to workout with their group classes, but this place also provides EVERYTHING you need to be feeling your best self! Let alone the peaceful common areas, the building is SO clean and well taken care of. This place is so much more than a gym and worth every penny. Their group classes are fun (and always different). Brantley and Justin take YOUR particular well being into consideration. They will walk any individual through modifications if you have an injury in the middle of class. They truly want the best for everyone. They even let you take your first two classes free! You will not regret trying this place!
Dana DiStefano
I was fortunate to find Brantley and his unique approach to movement/rehabilitation at a time when I had dislocated my shoulder and was experiencing strong pain and limitation. Brantley is professional, caring, very knowledgeable with up to date, and innovative manual therapy techniques and exercises that over the time period I committed to working with Brantley, greatly alleviated and allowed me greater range of motion and a decline in discomfort and pain. Training sessions and rehabilitation with Brantley were always enjoyable and he is a true professional in his field. Highly recommended.
Alessandra Massi


You Deserve a Life that is Simply, Pain-Free, and Happy

There’s a Big Difference Between a 6-Week “Certification” and a 6-Year “Education

One Size Does Not Fit All. When it Comes to Your Health, You Deserve the Best Individualized Care

There is No “Quick Fix” to Replace a Long-Term Solution

Sports Performance MUST Mirror Sports Medicine

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